ADS Projects & Systems Pvt. Ltd

ADS Projects & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a progressive and dynamic technology specific innovative business solutions provider, which offers a wide spectrum of management consultancy services, ranging from Construction Sector to Renewable Energy field, to provide best value for money for the client. They are committed to providing end to end solutions that range from the visualization to formulation and from actual implementation to its successful launch.
The services being offered by the company are in the field of Education, Training & Skill Development, Project Management Consultancy, Green Building Consultancy, Solar Consultancy, Solar System Integration / Installation, Architectural Consultancy, Interior Design Consultancy, Landscape Design Consultancy and Structural Design Consultancy.
The mission of the company is, To create tailor made solutions according to the needs of the client; To cater to the need of area specific technological requirement for sustainable development; To be a partner of first choice in providing innovative technological and business solutions; To work on break-through frontier technologies and To be able to spread education to every youth in the world and help build a skilled, literate & knowledgeable society.